Recharting multiple adult question

Doing our unit recharter and am adding in a multiple adult into our pack. They are able to sign on to their BSA account with their number but when we add in their information we receive an error that name, date of birth or id number is incorrect. They send screen shots showing their information from my scouting but with everything correct we still get the error. What am I missing? Name is right, date of birth is correct, ID is also correct. They are within council as well.

The best way to get an adult onto your roster is to send them your unit application link and have them apply online (assuming your council and unit allow online adult applications). That link is found in the Invitation Manager in Once they apply, your COR approves, you refresh your recharter and they are there.

@KristineSautter What is the adult’s BSA member number? (no names, please)