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Recognition for Explorers who have not achieved the 1st Class rank!

Exploring has no individual recognition for the Explores who have attained the 1st Class Scout Rank so all the other Explorers have no advancement and individual recognition. Exploring is one of the Oldest Programs in the BSA however it has been lumped in with LFL and a step child to all other Scouting Programs! WHY!!
Lets change this in 2022 for the betterment of the Explorer Program and back to Career Awareness and make some individual recognition part of the Explorer Program.
Pat M. Curd
SR DE(RET(, E214 PMC, ADC/UCCentral District, WTAC 559

@PatCurd - this is a scouter based forum… you may be best served by directing your concerns to National.

I will add that my last scout member card from 1978 did have explorer on it

Mr. Stephen_Hornak:
Sir for over two years as an Post Committee Member I have addressed this with Nation to NO avail! I thought perhaps some other members of the Exploring/Scout community might be having the same exsaperation about the Explorer Program as I and others I have discussed this issue with. Sir my 1st Explorer member card was in 1954 and have since been part of BSA for 63 yrs and hopefully for several more. May God Bless you and the BSA for another century.
Pat M. Curd

@PatCurd - no need to call me sir as I work for a living. Perhaps some others may chime in.

There is a very easy history thread to follow to know why it is part of LFL. Since Exploring was / is sponsored mainly be governmental institutions, the BSA was in a pickle. In light of the growing push for non-discrimination , municipalities were pushing for all orgs to sign non-discrimination pledges. The BSA at the time could not as it required all leaders to agree to the declaration of religious principals, didn’t allow gay scouts, and didn’t allow gay adults. The BSA decided to spin the Explorers off to LFL where they could be free to be more non-discriminatory.

With Exploring, Venturing, and Sea Scouts having such super low enrolment, the BSA has focused its limited resources at its core.

Thank you Matt, I was aware for what you said in your reply while I was a professional Scouter. This said we still espouse what is in our Scout Oath yet we do not follow this in honoring our Father and Savior.
God Bless you and I welcome the opportunity for BSA to serve all youth, female and male.
Respectfully yours,
Pat M. Curd

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