Record in My.Scouting incorrectly linked to another Scouter in ScoutBook

We have a Den Leader–member ID 13908647 in My.Scouting–incorrectly associated with another Scouter with a similar name–member ID 12947722 and SB User ID 9617882.

Can you be more specific to what the issue is? @KevinMorgan

The Den Leader under our pack in my.scouting is not the same person who shows up as the Den Leader in ScoutBook.

@KevinMorgan ok you are East Texas?

yes. Pack 201 in East Texas

OK looks like someone just searched up wrong person in the past - I ended the memberships in Scoutbook (which is all you needed to do) - I would go to Unit Roster and Clean Old Connections - then you need to assign remaining DL to a den under the Positions


Thank you. It’s all good now.

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