Recorded by?

I am using Windows and Google Chrome. I am looking at Internet Advancement roster from the Scoutbook link. The “recorded by” column has “BSA Administrator” but it usually shows the name of the leader so I am not sure who BSA Administrator is.

Also it shows my name as the recorded by person. I did not make any of these entries. I approve pending items but do not make the initial entry. Why does my name show up?

Thank you so much for the help.

BSA Admin - is usually council - it means someone with national access did it.

It shows your name cause you approved it probably. IA does not show Audit data well yet

Something is not making sense. The BSA Administrator recorded multiple ranks, advancements and awards for mulitple dens? To clarify the recorded by is not the person that makes the entry? Instead it is the person that approves the entry?

So Council probably approved 300 of the oending advancements?

Some of these should not have been approved. How do I unapprove them?

Thank you!

BSA Admin can also be when different users for the same scout are merged.

Unapprove is easier in Scoutbook. Just click the % Complete, then uncheck the approve box and erase the date.

Just to clarify, if you only want to unapprove in Scoutbook, just clear the Leader Approved check box. If you want to clear the completion, clear the Leader Approved check box and clear the date.

Approved by BSA Administrator will also appear if all of the underlying requirements are approved - they will “roll up” and mark the overall item as approved.