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Recording ILST

I asked about recording ILST same time last year, but I didn’t ask how others do it. How does your troop record ILST? No record? Offline?

I used to ask my council to record it for me in ScoutNet, because units could not add youth training.

But now it looks like units can record it themselves using the Training Manager at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools or MYST).

  1. Click on Add/Search on the left side of the Training Manager screen.
  2. Select Scouts BSA for the program.
  3. Select ILST for the course.
  4. Select the date.
  5. Add the Scouts who completed the training.
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Well that is a nice improvement! I don’t recall seeing that on the my.scouting change log. It is sad that they improve things “over there” without logging it!

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