Recording Red Cards

Is there a place to record Red Cards?

Red Card? Never heard of that - what exactly is it?

Do you mean Merit Badge Blue Cards?

It documents training of exposure to CPR. It is issued to scouts and then they have proof for any badges that require CPR exposure. It used to be that canoeing, rowing, climbing, small boat, swimming water sport, whitewater, lifesaving and motorboating had a cpr knowledge/exposure requirement. (Most don’t now).

Maybe it was just a council thing?

that looks local - and if it is a true CPR training the Council should enter it into the Scouts Training Record in ScoutNET

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It’s not true CPR training. Since there’s a minimum age for true CPR training, not all scouts can be certified CPR. Some badges still require some knowledge about CPR and this card then can be shown to a merit badge counselor that they have received that training.

Thanks for the help.

Personally, if the MB requirement says demonstrate then as the MBC, I would want the Scout to demonstrate, not show me a card that said at some time in the past the Scout knew CPR. I would want to know if the Scout remembers CPR today.

Since it is up to the MBC to decide if the Scout completed the requirement, possession of this Red Card does not guarantee the requirement is completed.

I have found that most of the badges that have this requirement - it’s a prerequisite that has to be completed prior to camp or a merit badge university/weekend. The counselors are pressed for time plus would have to have access to CPR dummies. Our red card requirement is that it has to be taught by a medical professional or CPR instructor.

It is still up to the individual MBC to accept the red card or not. Since no one is allowed to modify requirements, your council can’t mandate the red card be accepted.

Oh, I know. I think it’s been used council wide here for years and years. Doesn’t mean anyone has to accept it. It proved to be a efficient way for scouts to cover the CPR exposure/understanding requirement and have a way to document they did so. It’s listed as an option for prerequisites at the camps and such. If a counselor didn’t want it, they would just either say they wanted a certification card from ARC or AHA or that they planned to cover that requirement in the course. No biggie.

I have never heard of this before, so it might be just your local council.

As an option, what your unit or Scouts can do is upload a picture or scan of the card and add it in to the “Notepad & Comments” section at the bottom of a merit badge or when clicking on an individual requirement.

That’s a good idea. Thanks.

I’ve never seen this form before.

There is not necessarily a minimum age requirement. Some training agencies may have age as a pre-requisite but I teach for EFR and PADI (the SCUBA dive organization). Below is a link to the EFR page discussing minimum age requirements:

We don’t have a minimum age. Does that mean that younger, immature scouts should seek out training? Of course not, but for mature scouts desiring certification, there are agencies available.

Figured out it’s a council form.