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Recording Religious Emblems

One of my den leaders asked if there is a way to record the specific Religious Emblems a Scout earns…either under a heading of “Catholic” religious emblems, “PRAY” program, etc or down to the specific emblem name “Light of Christ”, “God and Me”, etc. When I selected the “Religious Emblem” in the “Awards” section, it only shows the LDS Religious Emblem requirements. Are the awards/award labels added by the user (i.e. Pack) or by ScoutBook?

Nope. The religious knot is the actual BSA award. The specific awards aren’t actually from the Boy Scouts, but from your local religious community.

Thanks Steve - I knew that the knot is the BSA award…was just curious when I found “Religious emblem (for LDS)” under the “awards” option.

Well, up until last year, the LDS Church swung a lot of weight with the BSA, so they got some special treatment…


@MaryLangford - you would want to enter this on an individual scout basis and NOT on quick entry.

A lot of units have used the notes field to record which emblem was specifically earned, and the dates, since scouts who earn one often earn more than one (e.g. Cub Scout level and Scouts BSA level religious awards).


I believe Scoutbook was originally developed using an LDS unit in Longs Peak Council, with the result that some LDS specific things were included in tracking as well as frost points in the camping log, used for the LPC 100 Degrees of Frost Award.

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@DougWright is correct. The LDS religious awards were already part of Scoutbook prior to the BSA’s purchase of Scoutbook.

We have requested the ability to add all religious awards by name, but I do not know when or if this capability will be added to Scoutbook. If they are added, I think it is likely that they will not include the individual requirements - just the overall completion.

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I think just the religious awards by name is enough…because across the religions the programs are different…some allow/require they be taught as a class and others are ‘parent and child’, etc But it would be nice for ScoutBook to help keep track.

In the meantime, you can add a note to the Religious Knot Award and specify the name and den level / grade when earned.

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If the individual requirements were added to Scoutbook, that would be a monumental task. My daughter has nearly completed the Metta Award (Buddhist Cub Scout), and there are two completely separate sets of requirement: one for Theravada Buddhists and one for everyone else. The level of detail would be excruciating.


Agreed. Also, since they aren’t administered by the BSA, it would be even harder to keep up to date. I am all for expanding Scoutbook, but this is an area that seems a bridge too far. So many levels, so many requirements, so many awards.


Thanks everyone…I’ve reminded everyone to log the “religious knot” when the scout completes the first emblem for their faith…and that ‘notes’ section is a good area to list the specific emblem name and date earned.


Since there are many different religions, and not all religions have the same number of awards for cubs and Scouts BSA, it would be nice for Scoutbook just to expand on their Religious knot section. As far as I can tell, there are up to 2 for cubs and 2 for Scouts BSA/Venturing. So it would be nice for Scoutbook to have two entries for Religious knot and webelos device in the cub section, and in the Scouts BSA section, it would show either the same, or the spot for two more scout devices. It isn’t as obvious that the second third or fourth award has been earned with just a message in the notes section.

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