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Recording Service Hours for Scouts Assisting with Eagle Project

When scouts assist with an Eagle project, do you record that time as service hours in internet advancement and can it be used for rank advancement requirements? I’ve been told by another scouter that all the Eagle project work gets entered at the council level as part of the Eagle project and no entry should be done at the troop level. However, I’ve read posts on other forums that imply that work can be entered at the troop level and used for individual scout advancement. I cannot find any advancement rules that apply to this issue.

Does it count for rank advancement? That is up to the SM. If the SM approves it, enter it like other service hours.

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Yes, it can be recorded in Internet Advancement (IA). There is a category in IA for “Assisted someone else’s Eagle Project”. There is going to be some overlap between the hours recorded by the local council, but I don’t see any way around it.

It is at the Scoutmaster’s discretion whether or not it can count for rank advancement, Messengers of Peace award, or other awards / requirements.

For regular service projects, please see section Service Projects in the Guide to Advancement:

Service projects required for ranks other than Eagle must be approved according to what is written in the requirements and may be conducted individually or through participation in patrol or troop efforts. They also may be approved for those assisting on Eagle Scout service projects. Service project work for ranks other than Eagle clearly calls for participation only. Planning, development, or leadership must not be required.

Time that Scouts spend assisting on Eagle service projects should be allowed in meeting these requirements.

Particulars for the Eagle Scout service project is in sections -

There are two different functions being served by the recordings of the hours. Council is tracking a total number of hours provided as “Eagle project service hours”, not necessarily who (specifically) provided those hours. The individual scouts and units want to know whether Scout X completed so many hours of service since their last rank advancement, potentially in a specific category.

Reporting to council of Eagle service hours fulfills the former function, but does nothing about the latter. Tracking in the activity logs does not, at the moment, directly serve the latter, either. However, it makes it somewhat easier for record keeping to have a central log of service hours.

Ultimately, signing-off the requirement(s) by the unit leader or their designee, whether in Scoutbook or the scout’s handbook, is what addresses the individual rank requirement completion. Personally, I find that having a central record helps with making sure scouts get the credit for work they’ve done. However, the activity logs don’t connect directly to the advancement requirements in the software.

Thanks very much for the responses. It looks like in Guide to Advancement is directly on point. I thought I had looked at the Guide but obviously missed the most relevant part. Thanks again.

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