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Where in scoutbook records can I add participation in events and outings. How can I identify the outings?

There are two places you could record participation.

There are the logs (hiking/camping/service) available under each scout’s dashboard. There is also a quick-entry tool available from the My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Reports Quick Entry for adding things to these logs when you have large numbers of scouts to add. The Feature Assistant Extension can also help simplify this process.

For events on your calendar, you can record attendance in the calendar event itself as soon as the event has started (I think). I don’t regularly use this feature, so I’m not exactly sure when the window to record attendance “opens”.

ETA: That’s what I get for typing too quickly. Fingers went on auto pilot…

Thanks I will try the calendar option as the other option doesn’t allow me to add things like Klondike or a daylong activity

For those, take attendance and you can see who went to it.

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