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Reference Letters

Does Scoutbook create Reference Letters to be used to request the Letters of Recommendation?

@JeffreyBaer1 - no it does not. It will create the eagle rank application. But please do read the project workbook and the guide to advancement for the process on the letters.

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@JeffreyBaer1 I’ve been sending this template to references listed on Eagle applications.

Eagle_Reference_Letter.pdf (102.2 KB)


Reference letters are not required. A list of names willing to provide a reference is. Big difference.


See page 6

Of all the items to automate, this one is a stretch. There are more blanks on the application that Scoutbook could fill in, for example, automatically. Having Scoutbook generate a form letter for this task seems odd.

Especially since it is not required.

@Matt.Johnson What blanks do you think Scoutbook should fill in automatically?

These. Last time I asked, I was told that you guys checked and the national advancement committee, in their deep wisdom, didn’t want it to. All of these are known by the system. Why not auto fill them?


Because the BSA wants the Council to complete this fields. If, when the rework the form to remove regions and add national service territories, they may have a different opinion.

Currently the Scout should leave that section blank.

Eh, it is their choice to make, but still a poor one. For an organization with cost and staffing issues, they need all the automation they can get.