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I have been a registered leader with my Pack for the past 9 years splitting my time between two scouts. I presented scoutbook to my pack 8 years ago when it was privately owned. I recently stepped down as a leader to save cost for my Pack. I did not have them register me as a leader. However, to assist the Pack with Scoutbook Admin needs, I maintained my scoutbook positions. As of a few months ago, my positions have been closed and I am no longer able to be selected as a den leader to assist them. My question to scoutbook…Do you now have to officially be registered as a scout leader so you can be added as a leader in scoutbook? If so, when did this change? It makes it hard on the leaders to add parents who are assisting them with admin needs. Please advise. Thank you.

To be an admin of a unit, you must be registered. This changes a few months ago.

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@JasonDuncan - here is the notice given

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Are all adults who registered with scouts required to pay the annual fees as if they register as a leader?

@JasonDuncan , - I can state that as lack committee chair I ask that anyone who is going to be a den leader or assistant be registered and position trained as such. It is that simple.

Yes. You would register as a member of the committee. Our unit covers all leaders with Pack dues.

This hurts leadership when all they need is a parent to update advancement or add a new scout. It is bad enough That Scouts is charging volunteers to be leaders and they or their packs get nothing in return. Now they are requiring everyone to pay the full volunteer fee just to help out. There should be a separate charge just for background checks. This greed is only going to hinder anyone from volunteering. I can’t believe the changes scouts have made just to make money.

Scoutbook was a great and useful system until Big Brother got their hands on it. Such a disappointment!!!

It actually helps leadership. Each person with access to Scout info must take YPT and have a current background check. This assures all families that each person involved is registered, approved, and YPT trained. Yes, it costs money, but such is life. One must register to be a volunteer.

Personally I am very happy to have many units realize that they had a number of non-registered adults involved in key parts of their organization. We must run a tighter ship than that.


@JasonDuncan - it is about doing things they correct way. The fact that scoutbook and any other tracking product allows leaders to ve added outside of the membership standards is problematic. At the very least a libe was drawn.


You can still have adults take YPT and be tracked with a great Training Chair. Additionally, there are a lot of locations where personnel have more extensive background checks then what Scouts provide. In my humble opinion this doesn’t help leadership it hurts leadership. I stepped down from a lot of leadership positions because I do not believe in the cost vs reward in which Big Brother has implemented because they are losing revenue. I however continued supporting my Packs program. Now these new rules has made it harder for parents who want to support their Pack and it’s Scouts that much more difficult. I will no longer continue feeding Big Brothers pockets. After reading a few other forums on this topic I am not the only one who feels this way. It is a shame and They have lost my assistance!

@JasonDuncan - well sorry you do not like big brother, globe earthers and UFO deniers.

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I am sorry that you feel that way. As a parent of a child that was recently close to an on going child abuse situation I fully support any and all avenues the BSA chooses to try and protect children. I believe the work we do with scouts to educate them to the dangers made my son a harder target for this abuser and saved him from that situation. For our council it is only $56 for adult leaders which is only $4.67 a month. You can’t even buy a decent cheese burger at McDonald’s for that much any more.


We, as Scouters, owe the Scouts a few things as a bare minimum:

  1. All adults have taken YPT.
  2. All adults have undergone criminal background checks.
  3. All adults understand that the Guide to Safe Scouting and the Guide to Advancement exist and must be complied with.
  4. All adults are adequately trained for their positions.

If you’ve spent any time at all in the forums lately, you’ll have seen the sheer number of probably-well-meaning adults that think they can run their Scout unit however they please – comments ranging from “not every adult needs YPT” to “we can have a co-ed Troop if we want to” to “it’s OK to use floaties for the swimming merit badge”.


Since this conversation turned towards an ad hominem argument, I want to thank you for your previous responses. The BSA release was found very useful to this forum.

Sorry to hear what has happened to your family and scout. No one should have to go through that.

I fully support volunteers to have the proper positional training, YPT, and background checks. For the purpose of this forum, I do not feel that a parent who is assisting their Den in updating scout advancements or a parent who volunteers their IT expertise for purposes of being a liaison to scoutbook for problematic issues or a parent who is making reservation for the Pack at the next outing should pay the $54 registration fee. If paid by the Pack, this takes away from the scouts. Pack leadership should determine who they want to give certain positional accesses too not Big Brother. Isn’t this the reason we have a connection manager button for? Control parent access?

I agree with the bare minimum requirements. I have attended a number of meetings and have seen what takes place. However, for this forum, we are discussing positional accesses to scoutbook and why those positions have to be registered with BSA (ie IT expert, advancement data entry, sending emails on behalf of leadership, etc).

What you have been describing is the advancement chair of the pack and is a position of responsibility for the unit. I guess I don’t understand your reluctance to be a part of the unit when you want to be a part of the unit. If you don’t want the scouts to pay for it then pay for it yourself.

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Positions is SB have to be registered because that is what BSA Legal dictated. It is that simple.


I will add a caveat to this - To be a Leader in SB you have to have an officially registered position associated with your MID (BSA#) that is attached to your SB account. SB does not care if that position is in your unit or even in your council. SB also does not care if it is a paid position or a free position like MBC.

How does one pay for the resources required to run the YPT system, background checks, system sizing, and general tracking? The method BSA has chosen is to register that person as an adult volunteer. Simone who has access in Scoutbook has access to home address info, names, and other info. I would be very disappointed in an organization that allows that access to non-members. It has been cleared that there have been likely 10’s of thousands of these shadow, unregistered, under the radar adults. The method the BSA uses to make sure these people meet the standards set by the org for access to unit info, they require membership. To do anything else would be an embarrassment. I am so glad this security hole has been plugged.