Registered Leader Not Showing on Roster

Committee Member MID 13842692 shows on the official roster for the Troop, but does not appear on the unit’s Scoutbook roster. How can we remedy this as this member is the advancement chair for the unit and is unable to access the unit. Thank you.

I set up a sync for them - but it will take till tonight - or you can just go to Roster and add them by trying to search by MID - but that has been flaky lately. If they have a child in the unit, you might be able to add them by backdooring them through child to add position

Thank you! I tried to backdoor through the parent connection but it wouldn’t let them add. I will let them know to check in 24-48 hours to see if it has synced. Appreciate the assist.

@SarahNorman If she is the troop’s Advancement Chair, then the troop’s Key 3 might want to consider adding her functional role at my.scouting using the unit Roster there:

Roster → Position Manager → Functional Roles

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