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Registering a New Parent Leader w/BSA ID listed in Scoutbook?

Evening All,
Have a parent seeking to register as an adult leader with the troop. She already has an account on Scoutbook connected to Scout, and her profile via Scoutbook says she has BSA ID assigned. However, she cannot login to my.scouting.org - and the system gives her an error with no such account on file.
Should she just create a new account, or will that result in having 2 BSA ID#s?
Thank You, C. Collings

If you could post her BSA member number (no names), we can take a look.

BSA ID: 136169241
User ID: 10952624

It looks like she should create a my.scouting account. When she creates the account, she should try to connect to her already existing BSA member number.

We recommend that she not use an e-mail address when creating her username.

We have a committee member who was mistakenly not included on our recharter this year. I’m new to this troop, but there is some question as to whether the troop had ever officially registered her for the committee in prior years. She had taken YPT within the last two years, so we attempted to add her via the Online Application process, which we have used successfully for more than 25 youth and leaders over the past year (so we are somewhat familiar with the process). However, when she attempted to go through the beascout link to do the online application, it brought her to a “Tell us about yourself” screen. It would not let her enter or save any info. She has tried this multiple times over several weeks with the same result. Could you look into her BSA ID number, 125517129, to see if there is some issue that might cause this problem?

@BrentRichards I requested a sync to match her information. Please ask her to try again.

Does she need to wait until tomorrow for that “sync” to take effect? What is basically happening when you request a sync? Thanks for your help and information.

@BrentRichards In one place, there were a couple pieces of data that were missing (middle name, for example), so I requested the sync so they would match. It should be immediate. I don’t know if this will solve the issue for her or not, but it won’t hurt.

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