Registering Council and District Leaders

I am being told that we are unable to register Council and District leaders (to include professionals) into their positions. Am I being misinformed?

I assume this isn’t a nation wide issue. This would be a question for your local registrar.

The local registrar is the individual who is telling me that we cannot do so?

I believe with the retirement of ScoutNET that function was lost - a replacement is in place or is actively being worked on is all SUAC knows

Thanks for the update. I wonder who I should contact to see when the fix will be in place.

Council professionals have contacts with BSA IT that can provide them this information. We do not know of a contact for volunteers.

Thanks. I have just about had it with the lack of response from the National Council. We have got to get past the secret handshake mentality. My registrar has numerous tickets submitted and about one a day is being answered. This would be an unacceptable situation in any other organization.

Sorry to rant at you–I am just over this entire process. We were able to clear 6 units today–unacceptable.

Your Scout Exec or another high level council professional could try to escalate the issues. They know how to contact the highest levels of BSA IT. This is not something that can be done by a volunteer. If the Scout Exec does not want to get involved he or she must not thing the problems are that big of a deal.

That is the problem with the organization. I am the Council Commissioner and am not allowed to know the secret handshake stuff. Really unacceptable.

I wish I had a way of brightening your day.

I would not call it a secret handsake mentally or lack of response. Just a slow response and a need for BSA® to do more than you suspect, I suspect there are a number of issues impacting BSA which are not controled by BSA. For example:

  • The Climate - sometimes hazardous

    • Winter weather
    • Wildfires
    • Drought

    • affecting membership and funding
    • affectng availablity of staff
    • slowing down the movement of and limiting access to offline data and other information
    • because of how COVID statistics are targeted or not reported I suspect the number of COVID cases is much higher than what is reported in the news.
    • This is affecting many of us. I feel stressed at times because I cannot get somethings done as fast as I did before COVID. Somethings I cannot do right now because it is not safe to do so.

    • Retirement of old non-secure software with new software which may be or not be secure.
      • Training old and new staff to use new tools takes time


Can anyone check on a Jira case HD-427745 - apparently my deleting dupes at Recharter was not such a good plan.

Just to loop back:
Registrars are now able to register non-unit volunteers (e.g. Council and District leaders and MBCs)


I am sitting with my registrar and she is still getting the “missing required field applicant_address for row 2” error.

Walk me through when exactly she is getting this and I will pass it along. And I guess what tool she is using to be safe.
Also is this when she is trying to register a non-unit applicant?

I will try to tell you what I know. She is using the new registration tool and trying to register a non-unit scouter (actually council employees in this case). Everything appears to work until she actually tries to submit. That is when the error message comes up.

The row 2 issue was fixed. Ask her to try again.

There is still an outstanding issue where registrars cannot remove a merit badge from a MBC. The fix for this is currently in quality assurance, and if it passes, it will be deployed next week.

Just tried and a new error appeared “SSN must be a required field for the row 2”

Maybe an obvious question: is a SSN filled in?

Thank you! I was wondering why my MBC status wS not going through.