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Registering new leaders after recharter

Based on feedback from council when recharter paperwork was turned in, I had somehow missed that adult leader registrations on the new (2018 printing) form were already out of date and also had to have the Oct 2019 reauthorization signed that existing leaders had to do. That was also missed by the area commissioner who was checking packets

Moving forward, do all new leader apps have to have both the October 2019 reauthorization plus the authorization on the application form, or just the reauthorization?

I am a bit confused since BSA’s website still has the 2018 printing version posted as the current form with no mention of the October 2019 reauthorization also being required. And, in comparing, I don’t see where any wording on the supplement is not also on the latest Adult application, so I am feeling a bit like I and the other leaders are having to duplicate paperwork just because council says.

The new form is the only one required. Everyone needs a new original signed form on file at the Council.

That is how I interpreted National, but Sam Houston Area is saying that they need the 2018 form plus the October 2019 reauthorization for adults added at recharter. I am hoping someone from National will weigh in to clarify.

My understanding is that all adult leaders have to submit the new Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization form. I don’t think that the BSA adult application has been updated yet.

That is the part I want National to clarify. I anticipate quite a few new volunteers balking at having to sign two separate background check forms.

You will need to contact National. They do not normally post here in the forums. Personally, I do not understand the point in filling out both forms. It seems to me that just filling out the new form would be sufficient.



Since registration is handled locally, going to national may not clarify things. If the council is “requiring” both forms, even if national isn’t, one really has go along with the local council.

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If the person is NOT currently registered to the unit, then they still need the application. They also will need the new form.

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