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Registering parents

We have several parents that are listed on our roster as either Lion or Adult Partners. They are interested in registering for committee and den positions. Can they use the online registration, or do they need to have a paper application? They already have a BSA MemberID, and are associated with the unit, but they are not “registered”? For that matter, can former Adult Partners (kids are now Wolves/Bears, so dropped off the Adult Partner list) use the online registration? Once again, they have a BSA MemberID and were formerly associated with the unit.

We have a couple that are about ready to commit, but I don’t want to tell them to do the online registration, and then have it not work.

using online increases the chance they get a second BSA # - paper is safer for that. Especially if they enter their BSA # on the APP

@DonovanMcNeil That’s what I was thinking. But I’m curious if they can even use online. I know that once you are associated with a unit, and role changes have to be done via paper. Is this considered a role change and would prevent them from using the online application? If so, this really stinks as a way to get parents into the program.

hard to say - looking at my online app - signed in as me - I see the adult app for my unit

I don’t totally agree. Using online takes out the council registrar component. If the my.scouting profile is properly associated with the bsa member number, there is no possible way for it to assign another one. It only assigns another one when you create a new my.scouting account.

Now, getting the right bsa member number associated with the account could be a challenge, since you can’t do it for them. And I don’t really know if it’ll work. I’ve seen it work the other way. Registered leader completed an online app for their new Lion and the Lion adult partner got the same bsa member number.

Online registration is for people (youth and adults) “new to the unit.” Contact your council registrar for what they want. I suspect a paper application is required in this case.

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