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Registration and rechartering and applications

I registered my husband with BSA (he’s enjoying the campouts and I wanted to test the system). He showed up on my rechartering paperwork as well as our new (ish) executive officer. I took off many people as folks dropped out. It was all correct on my rechartering paperwork that was submitted.

Neither my.scouting.org nor scoutbook have been updated with the corrected rooster. In addition, my husband shows up in Scoutbook as pending (meaning I think pending for a scoutbook account) but not my.scouting.org.

Council wants a copy of his registration as they can’t see him. They do have his CBC and YPT.

He also doesn’t show up under Application Manager so there’s a real possibility of a user error.

So - questions - when does the rechartering rooster update in scoutbook and my.scouting.org? Why is a person in one but not the other? And finally, how do I prove the registration? He showed up on the recharter so I didn’t print a papercopy. Or if I messed up with not completing his registration, do I restart?

I’m committee chair so I have access to most all things in our troop. I’m just overly frustrated on all of this - I’ve spent a lot of time on all of this.


Could you clarify how you registered him? What’s your position in the unit?

Your council has to process your recharter before my.scouting rosters update.

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Jacob - Its been several weeks but I think I did it through beascout pin. There was a register here selection next to our troop but it’s no longer there. It’s just the request more information.
It’s possible I registered him another way but unsure another way to register online. His member ID is 13505582 if that helps.

My position is committee chair.

Makes sense about processing the recharter before updating. I’m sure they’re busy.

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