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Registration timelines

Our unit submitted several paper youth applications. On average, how long should it take for these applications to be processed and appear on our official roster? I know that on-line applications appear within a day or two. I’m just looking to see when to expect these others to arrive.

it all depends on the council and how fast they process apps

That’s got a great big “it depends” in front of it… sometimes a week, if it’s a big recruiting season it may take a little longer.

That is exactly what I thought… Basically, just hope that they someday show up.

My council has them processed within a couple days of turning them in, and they show up in Scoutbook shortly after that.

We had our committee meeting last night, and I pushed for using the online apps. We submitted paper applications over two weeks ago, and they still haven’t been processed.

It takes a bit of work to get the online application process down, and you still need to collect any unit dues you may have… but it gets populated into Scoutbook within a few hours.

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