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Reimbursement to volunteers for council camp expenses

Our council supposedly has a low limit credit card, so when there is Council cub day camps, wood badge, etc the program director / camp director are expected to get PO’s for materials from a District Executive, then they purchase the materials based off the PO’s using personal funds. After the materials have been ordered they have to submit for reimbursement from Council. The camps have already hit the minimum number of Participants who have already paid by the time the orders are placed.

My question is how long should these volunteers expect to wait for reimbursement from Council for camp expenses?

In my Council, reimbursement forms are processed one day per week. Assuming the form is turned in the day after processing day, you have to wait a week for the form to be processed then allow time for mailing of the check so it can take up to 2 weeks.

I’m sure this varies from council to council so check with the people who process the paperwork.

I once paid the entire cost of an OA lodge banquet. We held it in the upstairs seating area of a Manhattan deli who prepared food for us served buffet style. It is difficult to find a venue with a reasonable price in Manhattan, but this wasn’t so bad. They were happy to have some evening business, since the seating area is generally only busy at midday.

It took the council about 10 weeks to cut me a reimbursement check.

So, as Ed advises, check with your council.