"Reinvite" someone to Scoutbook (User unable to login with weird username)

I have a family that is no longer able to login to scoutbook. When they do “Forget my username” they get "my.Scouting Username: DeactiAAEB31EExxxxxxxxx@xxxx.xxx

Someone at Council mentioned a Key 3 should be able to login and “Reinvite” them, but I cannot find an “invite” button anywhere to click.

Using the above username, with a password reset will not work either, they get an error stating their Username/Password is invalid. Any suggestions?


Do they still show up in your unit roster? If so, you should be able to view the email address associated with the account, so they have the “correct” email address to start from.

They do show up in our Roster. Using that address doesn’t seem to work either.


I sent you a private message. See your avatar in the upper right of the screen.

Do they up as having connected to their account when you view their profile or “display parents” in the roster?

What if they try logging in to my.scouting with the email address from the roster and the “forgot password” link?

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