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Religious emblems

So my wolf den is comin up on Duty to God Footsteps. A requirement for it is to complete the religious emblem for each scout’s religion. Is there a way around this (or easy way through) for a family that doesn’t really participate in a religion?

Earning the religious embelm/knot is actually optional. For Wolf rank you need to complete requirement 1 or 2 and two others. So for the nonreligious families, they can complete #1 and two others from 3-6 and still complete the adventure.


Elizabeth made good points. I would point out, though, that even for a family that “doesn’t really participate in religion” that this is an opportunity for reflection on why they don’t participate in organized religion…

Ah, gotcha. It must have registered as 1&2 because a lot of adventures through cub scouts are listed as 1&2, 1-3, etc and not this or that. Thanks for posting it out!

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As @Elizabeth said, the Duty to God adventures can be completed without the Scout earning a religious emblem.

If a Scout doesn’t participate in a faith that has a religious emblem, the Buddhist Metta Award can be earned by non-Buddhist Scouts.

A non-Buddhist Scout earning the Metta Award would not meet the Duty to God requirements as written, since they say: “Earn the religious emblem of your faith that is appropriate for your age or grade.” The Metta Award would not be the religious emblem of the Scout’s own faith. A non-Buddhist Scout earning the Metta Award could wear the square knot representing completion of a youth religious emblem.

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