Reminders not sent from IA calendar created event

The reminders set from a IA created event did not sent as set. It happened with a multiple unit event and a single unit event.

They weren’t sent to the right people? didn’t go out at the right time? Didn’t go out at all?

Did not go out all to the people listed in the event.

I reported this to the developers. It is working for me.

I assume you do not have the Disable Reminders box checked


One of the events I created and then disabled reminder was clicked when I first created the event. I went back in and edited it to remove that check mark. Either way, the reminder was not sent even though the event shows a reminder was sent as shown above.

IA Calendar is still using the SB Calendar Reminder system. Try creating a test event in SB calendar and setting up reminders there. Let us know if it is working for you there. If not, we will need the SB team to look into it.

When the IA reminders did not send, I went into the event in SB and marked reminders in the SB calendar event and sent reminder through that system which worked correctly. I will continue to use the SB reminders instead of IA until told differently. Thank you!

Would you mind if the developer creates an event in PROD for your unit and for him to send you a reminder and see if you get it? Just you on the reminder

Yes, that would be ok for them to do.

I received the reminder for the test event just now.

Odd, why didn’t your reminders work before?.. I will let the programmer know his test worked.

Can you try to create another test event in IA with you as the only invitee and setup a reminder and see if it works? It may have been confused with turning on and off sending reminders in the event.

I set up an IA event and made sure to unclick the disable reminder box. It would not sent a reminder either ASAP or as a timed reminder.

The reminder was received 15 minutes after it was sent on the event for one unit only. The event says in red “the reminder already sent”.

The event with multiple units did not send a reminder.

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