Remove ability to create profiles in Scoutbook

As a council employee the problems I deal with the most are duplicate Scoutbook accounts and leaders adding scouts to Scoutbook before they are properly registered.

I understand this was a necessary function before the BSA bought SB and before the sync with Scoutnet, but with the advent of both of those things I only see it as an added feature that has been rendered obsolete.

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A Scout is registered the second the application is turned in - with many (even large) councils taking weeks to enter in registrations SB has no choose but to keep that feature. If users enter Name, and DOB in SB just like application the user should be found by member update and not make a dupe.

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The issue users see is the delay in getting Scouts and adults registered. We know of cases where Councils take up to 2 weeks to get someone registered but during recharter can often take several months. If Councils committed to getting everyone registered within 1 business day of receiving a new application, Scoutbook could reasonably turn off creating profiles.

One thing we tell all users is to make sure when manually adding an indivdiual that the FN, MN, LN and DOB match exactly with what is on the application. For adults, since YPT is required to register, the registrars need to make sure they use the MID on the YPT certificate and not create a new one. We see this happen frequently too.


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