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Remove names

How do I remove names from Scoutbook? I have scouts no longer in the Pack, but I can’t get them off our system. And then parents continually get Pack e-mails, months after they have left the Pack. These are scouts who have either bridged out (and didn’t go on the a Troop), or else quit at some point.

During recharter, some of them get “cleaned up”, but not all. But I have a problem every year with my Scouts who graduate in Feb, but don’t bridge to a Troop, then remain on my books for 11mote months until Recharter.

These Scouts all sit in a extra den that was created years ago that we call “Webelos Inactive”. It’s where we put Scouts like this, because we don’t know how to delete them.

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Go to the Scouts membership and put an end date for your unit.

Thanks so much - it worked!

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