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Remove pending parent connection not working

The Feb 20, 2020 sb change log states troop admins can delete pending parent connections. However this does not seem to work. Have a Scout whom parent hasn’t accepted invite. His younger brother bridged over to our Troop and noticed he is connected to the parent that is linked(not pending). After further investigation, I noticed the original invite has a typo in the email address for the older brother. When I attempt to delete the connection that is pending, eventually it reports an error occurred and an email is sent to the webmaster. Also I can’t update the parent email as it sounds like the parent now has duplicate accounts but one is unaccessible since the email isn’t correct. This would be a great case if the delete connection would work.

Are you able to “+ Add” the parent and use the “Search For Existing User” box with the correct e-mail address to connect the parent?

If the parent does have a duplicate account, then you will need to send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support and ask them to remove the duplicate. Please include as much identifying information as you can:

parent’s name, BSA member number (if applicable), correct e-mail address, incorrect e-mail address, unit number, and council name

Yes that’s what I was thinking but was hoping I could clean up this issue ourselves.

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