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Remove Scout Leader

How do I remove a scout leader from my troop? They have moved on but still show up. Thank You

I unit admin can just go to the users positions and put an end date on there position

@ScottRogers1 - what you also want to do is make sure to remove them at recharter. You could execute that sooner with the registrar.

Also need to delete any Leader connections they have to your Scouts before you put an end date on their position.

Here is the full process:

  1. Go to Unit Roster -> Connection Manager
  2. Click on the leader’s name and clear clear all of the check boxes
  3. Go to Unit Roster -> Leader’s Name -> Position
  4. Enter an end date then click Update

Note: if the leader is also a Unit Admin, you must remove that role using steps 3 and 4 before steps 1 and 2.

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