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Remove Troop From ScoutBook

I have a Boy Scout Unit which has folded. I removed all the scouts, but it won’t let me remove the Unit from My Dashboard My Unit page. How do I remove this Unit? Thanks

Unit Deactivation and Removal from Scoutbook

I believe your council has to deactivate or mark the unit inactive. I suggest having your Chartered Organization Representative contact your council office (district executive or council registrar) .

If your chartered organization takes no action: I have observed in the training and JTE databases the unit will no longer be displayed automatically about 60 days after the unit annual charter expires. I suspect this may also be true for Scoutbook.

Your connection to unit

I may have misunderstood the unit status in Scoutbook and what you were trying to do. See Jacob’s reply following.

Go to my dashboard > administration > my account > my positions > your position in that unit. Add an end date and click update.

This Unit was not rechartered for 2019, and it’s still on my page. I will talk to my local Council

Were you one of the key-3 leaders for the unit? What do you still have access to the unit in the tools at ? If it is still active in the BSA databases I would expect it to show up in the tools there.

Your council will not be able to help you. Did you check your positions?

The other thing to check is if you have a son or daughter with a current membership in that troop.


Have you ended all of your leadership positions?

Are you a unit admin? If so, Scoutbook does not permit the last admin to be removed. If you are the last admin, you need to send an e-mail to with your name, BSA#, council and unit, explain the charter was not removed and ask to have your unit admin roll ended.