Remove Unit on My Dashboard/My Units

I have two units on “My Dashboard” under “My Units” that I’m no longer with. I checked “My Connections,” and I have no active connections left with the units. How do I remove visibility of the unit?

Do you have any active positions in either unit under My Positions?

No active positions.

I had this same thing for a Troop my son and I used to be in - actually the old version of the Troop before the “B” was added. I couldn’t figure out why. I just this week found where my son still had an active “membership” with that troop under his memberships. I ended that in the system and that old unit went away.

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That makes sense. You were connected via your son as a parent in the unit vs directly as a leader in the unit.

@PEPJr Are your children members of either unit? If so, then you will still see “My Units”, because you are a parent.

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Thanks for the help. It resolved on its own. The system must need some time to straighten out.

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