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Removing approvals on a Merit Badge

Is this possible? I want to remove my approval on a merit badge. Thnx!

If it was approved in error, you can correct it in Scoutbook. The exact instructions vary with what you need to correct. Is it just one requirement, or approval of the whole badge? Are you the counselor, or a unit leader?

I am the Councelor (or was), Whole Badge.

The question comes to this on a procedural note - if you accidentally marked it as complete when you didn’t mean to than you not only can but should. If you changed your mind - you should not.

If the Merit Badge has been leader approved in Scoutbook, that approval must be removed first, then the Counselor approval can be removed. The reason for this restriction is the unit may have already recognized the Scout for earning the Merit Badge.

You will need to discuss the situation with the unit leaders. If they agree the MB was approved in error, they can clear leader approval then you will be able to clear counselor approval.

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