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Removing Den Meetings created in Den Leader app

So, I try out this Quick Den Meeting thing in the Den Leader Scoutbook app. We meet twice a month, so I choose biweekly, as there is no bimonthly option. Fail. It schedules three meetings on some months, so then I try to delete the meetings…YOU CAN’T DELETE THEM! WHAT THE $%#%? Why would anyone create something you can’t delete? How does this get fixed?

Either go into each event and put them in the past - or go to Scoutbook Calendar and hit the Hide DLE Events toggle

@JosephTurner1 Please don’t forget that a Scout is kind, courteous, and friendly. Unlike your comments in this thread. Please consider your choice of words, and how they reflect on you.

Since you felt the need to judge my character from one post of frustration, I’m done with this forum. There’s enough judgment already in this world to have to deal with it here.

If you click on it you can edit the date and time. (glad to know I am not the only one that had problems with this).Scoutbook - Den Leader (tiger)
Steps -
Click on the item (for example Elective: Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries) it will pop open on the right side.
the date is under the elective/required item next to it you will see the start and end time under that in small print you will see EDIT and ADD TO CALENDAR
Click on EDIT and you will be able to change the dates and time.
Hope this helps

Thanks! Just crazy you can’t simply DELETE a meeting! You can’t even change the meeting’s location!?

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I just sent out a message warning all of my DLs about this because I did the same thing this morning.

It’s really great if you want someone else to plan your scout year, but it doesn’t even give us the option to push back the meetings if one has to be cancelled. By domino effect, you are still stuck in dealing with all the meetings you created. It looks like something that will require a fair amount of time to sit down in one setting to remedy. The option to delete meetings or change topics would be extremely helpful.

Yep, warned my Pack of the same thing. I was worried people would “try this out” and start flooding our Scoutbook calendar with bad meetings!

As CM, I’ve banned the den leaders from using DLE. I’ve told them never to log in as a den leader. I wish the BSA would cut its losses and stop promoting this. A year ago, I thought it could someday be a useful tool. No progress has been made. It’s a shame that more resources get devoted to it at a time everything is stretched so thin.

One time, I saw a post in a Facebook group from someone who said he tried DLE and thought it was great.

There. I said something nice about DLE.


Two Words: Amen Brother!

I too put a de facto ban on DLE. Thanks for the comment!

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@JosephTurner1 - When they recently released the videos to support Cub Scout adventures, I hesitated to send it to my den leaders, because there is a video supporting DLE at the top of the page. I watched the video and was saddened to see how it attempts to trick people into wrecking their Scoutbook calendar with a rigid schedule of den meetings that they won’t even end up using.

I decided to email them a link to the resource with a stern warning. So far, so good.

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