Removing Ghost Pack from Dashboard

When I log into Scoutbook, this is what I see on my Dashboard.

The first Pack 236 was the original Pack 236 which imploded during COVID. It has adults on its roster, but no youth. It does not appear in Internet Advancement or

The second Pack 236 is the recreated Pack 236 and it contains all the youth and adults who are registered as members. It is the one that is in IA2 and my.Scouting.

How do I get rid of the first, “ghost,” Pack 236 from my Dashboard.

If you need to know the details about how there came to be two Pack 236s, I can provide the details in a DM.


Odd there is 1 Scout and 3 adults in it. let me see what I can do

@CharlesOlson you should be good now

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Thank you sir. Hope you have a good week.

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