Removing Key 3 Delegate removed Scoutbook connections and MBC status

I recently removed a Key 3 Delegate from two units in Organization Manager. The leader is an ASM who had various connections in Scoutbook to all unit youth both for advancement and as an MBC for some youth. After removing them as Key 3 delegate it removed all these connections. The leader is also no longer present in the MB Counselor List.

I have now manually restored the youth connections but I obviously can’t fix the MBC issue.

Any reasonable explanation for what happened?

Give us the member ID of the MBC


thanks for looking!

@JamesSperry First they are not MBC - that expired 6/30/22
When you ended Key 3 D in Scoutbook (it is still in AKELA) it ended the Admin Position too - that effected connections

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Thanks for explaining

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