Removing parental sign offs on merit badges

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Different topic as the Scout is just starting on the merit badge and it was the parent who is not a registered merit badge counselor for that MB that utilized the ‘leader approved’ on a couple of requirements when they do not have the unit’s approval to do so.

Can you please help me in providing feedback to see if I have gathered the information shared here into these graphics correctly so that Scout (and parent), Counselor and Unit Leader are all on the same page.

@UrsulaSeefeld - first thing i notice is the mention of partials posting to IA. As of now all that national and local council see is final completed, approved and awarded. The partials for rank awards and mb are progress views in scoutbook

@Stephen_Hornak … So that means the ‘completed merit badge’ is in IA when approvals are given, not ‘partials on merit badges’. Kinda the same idea as the blue card where the partials remain with the scout and the counselor keeping their personal tracker on Scouts they work with.

Do the partials on merit badges still remain in Scoutbook once either Counselor Approved -or- Leader Approved?

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Hopefully this makes you see where I was going with this information as I understood your point on gatekeeper and what I can do in my role but the info I was finding in this post, I realized quickly how it was creating misunderstandings in my situation. I do merit badges in Scoutbook and have not once had a Scout use it as a visual tool. Yet I work behind the scenes setting up merit badge events, and create many infographics that really communicate much details like I tried to do here with mine. I was already weak in understanding some things outside the scope on my usage in Scoutbook that Scouters were wise to share their Wisdom Woods with me here.

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Any other changes that should be made on my infographic please? Feedback is greatly appreciated.

If you are going to all the effort on the infographic - I would define the Blue Card better - most units do not understand that it is to be torn to 3 parts and who the 3 parts go to



Once a Merit Badge is complete, it is no longer a partial, but just like with a physical Blue Card that has the requirements marked complete (vs. All Complete or something similar) Scoutbook will retain completion information for each requirement marked complete.

Today, IA does not display any information regarding individual requirements. It uses the same database as Scoutbook so the data, if entered via Scoutbook, is in the DB but not visible or used by IA.

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@UrsulaSeefeld - here is what one looks like when fully tracked in scoutbook

It is pending unit action

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sounds like I am confusing folks with IA (Internet Advancement) recorded and Scoutbook recorded

So the Green checkmark of ‘earned’ changes to blue checkmark after the ‘Leader Approved’?
(I only have completed with ‘yellow checkmarks’ for those awarded in my Scoutbook connections list.

The yellow checkmarks in Scoutbook reflects “Awarded”. Some units use this to track when they present the Scout with the patch at a troop meeting or court of honor. Other units use it to track when they have recognized the Scout at a court of honor.

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Feedback please? Incoprorated several comments into changes, yet tried to keep it simple.

@UrsulaSeefeld - I think that looks good, and going back the unwanted sign-offs can actually be removed. It takes some time but all can be backed out

Generally, it seems consistent with my understanding of how the software works. I would probably include Item 12 as part of the Leader Approved step, since that it what pushes it to the advancement database, as I understand it.

The green checkmark likely encompasses parts of Items 1, 6, 7, and 8 (the “doing” of the requirements, not the counselor approval part). It will never be a perfect mapping though, so there’s a lot of judgement in what gets included in your graphic.

Again, I’m not offering policy opinions here, just commentary on how I (as an ASM who’s used it) understand the software to operate.

LOVE this infographic, especially how it ties the GTA steps to both paper blue cards and Scoutbook. This will be perfect for my ScoutsBSA District’s roundtable next week focused on the topic of advancement record keeping – this was a very high priority topic when we surveyed our unit leaders on topics they would like to tackle collectively at breakout sessions.

How do we get volunteer-developed resources such as this reviewed for inclusion in the Scoutbook Knowledgebase?

@CharleyHamilton … I was seeing that drawback too on the green checkmarks when @Stephen_Hornak first shared his Scoutbook screen shot as it uses the word ‘earned’. My thoughts is there should be another infographic directly using Scoutbook screenshot examples to incorporate the MB Process. Just wondering if I have enough Screenshots to be able to do it? And how it keep it simple and not too busy.

As for item 12… It is actually the one I was aiming for but I see how others are viewing it.

@PaulStrasma — Someone will have to point me in that direction as I was focused on my Council.

@CharleyHamilton agree that that the push to IA only occurs when Leader Approved is marked at the badge level – so record keeping for GTA steps 10-12 are bundled together in that one Scoutbook approval. Here’s the relevant FAQ: Merit Badge Counselor Approval of Badges - Scoutbook Knowledge Base
@UrsulaSeefeld it is important for MBCs to understand that if they choose to mark individual MBC requirements approved, they still have to go back and mark the whole badge as MBC Approved.
Before capturing new screen shots I’d recommend working through the existing help article at Merit Badge Record Keeping for Merit Badge Counselors (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base and then proposing edits, however we do that (SUAC members?)


Suggested updates to the knowledgebase should be posted in the forums.

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OK, I suggest Ursula’s infographic be added to Internet Advancement and Scoutbook Check-marks - Scoutbook Knowledge Base.

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After @CharleyHamilton comment… I updated the yellow lines to show both Item12 & 13, plus added in a revision date. Along with updating another infographic from when I first posted this to simplify the ‘summer camp unloads’ of merit badge work of partials that Counselor see. (Have I got that correctly?)

FYI… These were done in Canva.