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Removing patrols

We recently merged a bunch of patrols and now have 2 patrols in Scoutbook with 0 zero scouts. I wanted to remove them, so I went into Edit and saw the big button ‘Disapprove Patrol.’ Is this the option I should use to remove the patrol?

Just want to make sure no one loses any leadership requirements if I 'Disapprove" the patrol.

Yes, disapprove the patrol to remove it.

I also have 2 patrols with Zero Scouts. However, even though I’m an Admin, I don’t see any “Disapprove Patrol” button… Anyone have any suggestions?

Go My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions and make sure there is a green shield next to your unit admin role. If not, ask another admin in your unit to approve the admin role for you.

If you are a Troop Admin you should see it after you click on Edit Patrol.