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Reorganization of scoutbook top 3

Our pack has recently done a mass turnover of the chartered organization rep, the committee chair, and the cubmaster. I am struggling to figure out how to change the preferences in scout book to allow me, as the new cubmaster, to update anything. We have never used it but I have heard great things and want to give it a shot. How do I go about getting admin access? The three that have left did so on not such great terms so they are not willing to work with me on this. I appreciate your time and effort in advance


Has your unit submitted new applications to your council to change your positions? The day after you are registered as the Cubmaster you will automatically be made a unit admin in Scoutbook.

After you are a unit admin, you should end the positions of the former leaders.

Travis, there is a long term solution, as posted by Ed above, and a short term work around until the long term solution is posted. If your council is quick about processing applications, you may not need the work around.

Long term solution, is each person turns in an application to your council to register in their position. In addition, if the folks who left did not transfer their registration to a different unit, turn in a position change application for each of the folks who left. Move them to Unit Scouter Reserve. (Because their registrations last until the unit recharters or they transfer, and the Key 3 positions allow only one person at a time, the registrar has to move their registrations to a different position in the unit. Typically, they automatically become committee members.)

Short term solution, if you are already part of the unit in Scoutbook, examine your pack roster to see who is a pack admin; they have a two-key graphic next to their name. If there is an existing pack admin who is active in the pack, they can assign positions & pack admin to the new Key 3. If there is not an existing, active pack admin, you wait for the long term solution.

Just curious, what council are you in?

The BSA organization and key-3 leader’s information needs to be updated officially with BSA.

  1. I am assuming the chartered organization or has not changed (or that one is being added.) If it has, the new IH needs to meet with the Scout Executive and a new charter agreement needs to be signed.
  2. First the Institution Head needs to appoint a new Chartered Organization Representative and an application needs to be submitted for that COR. (Do not wait to recharter time.)
  3. Once the COR is registered, the COR can sign/approve other adult leader applications (online or paper).
  4. For all new adult leaders, the background check usually take 1 to 4 weeks to complete.

For more about CORs see

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