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Report builder current rank date for scouts in multiple units

In the report builder, if you select Show Current Rank Date for a scout that is a member of more than one unit, the date displayed will be the most recent date for all units rather than the one selected. Example: I have a scout in our Troop that is also a Crew member. He is an Eagle Scout, so I would expect the date displayed to be the date he earned Eagle in February 2020. Instead, it shows the date for when he earned is Venturing Rank, in February 2021.


This appears to be a result of saving the report. Look to see if the Scout is selected multiple times. I have reported the inconsistent behavior to the developers.

It happens with this scout every time I try. I’ve run an existing saved report, modified and run a saved report with and without saving, and created a new report with and without saving before running. He always shows the Venturing Rank date. I’m not sure how he could be selected multiple times, but he’s only selected once.

It’s the same for other scouts in the same scenario in the Troop.

Thank you. I have passed this on to the developers.

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Can you try Report Builder again. The developers have released a fix for the wrong rank being displayed.

No, it still shows the Venture date.


I’ll send you a private message. Click on the green circle with the white T in the upper right corner of your forum window.

The developers found another problem and have released the fix. Please test and let me know.

Fixed! Thanks so much!

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