Report Builder Request - Add support for Last Login Datetime


I am looking to determine how active my scouts, parents, and leaders are inside the Scout Book application. Will you please surface the last login datetime and other meaningful metadata tracked to the user’s session as part of the report builder interface?


Chris Neal

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The data you are looking for is only partially available. The Scoutbook database only tracks the last time a user logged in to Scoutbook. If your Scouts and parents are using the Scouting app, they would show as not logging in even though they were active.

A change to provide the data you want to see involves multiple teams so it may take a while to get implemented.

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Oh I figured it would take some time to get into the pipeline, but since this is just a place for requesting an item be added to the backlog I submitted the request.

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You can find out when the last time a adults logged in by going to your unit roster, clicking on the gear icons above the leaders and Scouts. On the leader side, turn on Show Last Visit. On the Scout side turn on Show Parents/Guardians. Currently there is no way to get this data for Scouts.

I have passed your request on to the development team.


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