Report Downloads to CSV Not working

In running a report for scouts working on the Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge when I download it to a csv file the following requirements are left off.

2d, 6, 8

See Output

  1. Explain what citizenship in the nation means and what it takes to be a good citizen of this country. Discuss the rights, duties, and obligations of a responsible and active American citizen.
    2a. Visit a place that is listed as a National Historic Landmark or that is on the National Register of Historic Places. Tell your counselor what you learned about the landmark or site and what you fo
    2b. Tour your state capitol building or the U.S. Capitol. Tell your counselor what you learned about the capitol, its function, and the history.
    2c. Tour a federal facility. Explain to your counselor what you saw there and what you learned about its function in the local community and how it serves this nation.
    4a. Declaration of Independence
    4b. Preamble to the Constitution
    4d. Bill of Rights
    4e. Amendments to the Constitution
  2. List the six functions of government as noted in the preamble to the Constitution. Discuss with your counselor how these functions affect your family and local community.
  3. Name the three branches of our federal government and explain to your counselor their functions. Explain how citizens are involved in each branch. For each branch of government, explain the importa

Here is what is compiled correctly


I have reported this to the developers.

What is the URL of the report when you run it?

It is in Report Builders Report selecting details with show dates, percentage & show requirement descriptions for Cit in the Nation

Donovan, it looks like download was corrected but not something everyone overlooked is requirement 4c is not even compiled so it is missing on the output and I guess not available for the download. It my example above on March 9th it goes 4b Preamble to the Constitution then to 4d Bill of Rights. I would think 4c The Constitution it pretty important to review.

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