Report for scouts 18+

Is there any way to run reports(Service Hours, Camping, etc.) for a scout after he turns 18? I want to run a report for his Eagle BoR, but not able. I am an admin. The only things I can see is his advancement.
Thank you.

@SteveCarano - in reality none of that is needed for an EBoR.

@SteveCarano - Stephen is right - but as admin you can go to My Dashboard > Reports > Scout History Report > and get it with BSA # and Last name


Thank you for the responses,
I know that isn’t required, but I bring up any things in the BoR that the scout does a lot over and beyond the required minimum. Like if he had 200 service hours, or had a lot of leadership positions, or a lot more training than most.

@SteveCarano - still not germane to the EBoR


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