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Report to identify active OA members

Is there a way to run a report to identify all the active OA members in a Troop?

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There is no native report in Scoutbook that lists OA members, however a unit admin can use the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox to create a report showing which Scouts are eligible for OA and another to show the OA data contained in Scoutbook.

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If a scout edits his or her profile in Scoutbook, there is a switch they can flip indicating whether or not, they are a member of the OA, and another one, indicating whether or not they are active. I would try making an announcement at a meeting, reminding them to update it to reflect their current status.

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Thanks for the suggestion

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If you contact the local OA Lodge the can run a report through Lodge Master for you. However you can’t gain access to this program unless you are an OA youth or adult leader

Two questions from a curious mind:

How do you define active? (Dues paid, attends some percentage of meetings, participated in projects)

Why do you ask?

(I know that only dues paying members are supposed to wear the flap. I have never heard of someone actually checking.)

As the adviser to our troop’s OA Rep, it would be handy to see which scouts are OA members, particularly if they aren’t regularly attending chapter meetings. Those are often the same scouts who are less active in the troop. It’s easier with a list to give to the troop rep and say “When’s the last time you saw PeeWee at a chapter meeting? Have you asked him why he’s not attending?”, than to try to remember which scouts and adults are members based just on looking for lodge flaps.

As far as busting folks’ chops about wearing the flap without paying dues, it’s usually the adults who need a reminder about dues, not the youth. Even then, it’s generally more of a “Hey, did you pay your OA dues yet?”, than actually complaining about uniforming.

I can definitely see where a report of membership in OA would be handy, even a report showing what their level is. I guess it is the active status. I don’t mean to say there is no reason. I just curious about the why.

Not sure I understand the intent of distinguishing between active and inactive, other than the theoretical utility (assuming it’s implemented) of being able to identify adults who were elected and went through ordeal as youth, but are not currently active. Those might be a reservoir of adult support for chapter/lodge activities that could be recruited.

Not sure what function it would serve at the youth level, though. Mostly, I get info via lodgemaster about folks who haven’t yet paid dues.

All I can figure it means is if they are current on dues or not.

I was asking for the report for a couple of reasons. Our OA rep is trying to build up more involvement with OA by our troop and wanted to email all of our Troop OA members about an upcoming Lodge event. The second was for the OA rep to help new candidates with rides to their ordeal (while encouraging the current OA members to go and serve.) I was not trying to distinguish between active or inactive in OA, but rather still active with the Troop.

Thank you. Sounds like your rep is taking his job seriously.

You can report on the youth OA members using the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, for Chrome or Firefox. OA Membership Report You can view an OA membership report.