Report to identify missing CBC?

Is there any report available to show adults who are missing the CBC – ideally councilwide or by district? Or is that only visible as the green light/red light indicator when individual units are completing their recharter?

We would like to be proactive in identifying adults who need to complete the CBC (if indeed any are missing it) just as we would for those who have YPT that is expiring. Either a report in Commissioner Tools, or a report that council registrars can run, would be very helpful.

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@ThomasHemr unfortunately, I don’t think such a report exists. May not be a bad idea, but it may take an official request from your Council to National through their channels to get such a report started. Talk to your Council professional staff about making the request.

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This information does get returned in at least one of the Web APIs used. If you look at Position Manager for a unit, there is a blue checkmark next to individuals if they have done a background check. It’s not as convenient as a report, but it is there.

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Agreed. The report, though, could help Unit Commissioners help units get ready for recharter.

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