Reports do not include troop name suffix, causing filename collisions for linked troops

Certain functions can be shared between B and G troops, especially administrative/committee functions.

Currently, when I download reports from, the B and G suffix is absent from the filename of the downloaded report. This can cause filename collisions.

Here’s an example: TrainedLeader_Troop_0861__Central_Lutheran_Church.csv. The filename is the same for the B and G troops. I have to assure at least one file is renamed before I can co-locate them in the same directory.

Please make sure that the suffix is added to the troop name of downloaded reports.

Reported to that team - at least the team that does alot of them

Thank you. Did you bring torches and pitchforks?

No - it is a minor issue - as you can change the file name in under a second yourself - and honestly I bet it is several teams/developers for all the various reports.

Ok, can we at least shake a fist? :grin:

(I was kidding about torches and pitchforks.)

@ArenCambre - oh crud… have put them all back

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I CAN CHANGE MY MIND. Be prepared!

@ArenCambre - I am ready !!! I am an ancestor of Attila the HUN…