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Reports leaving off 2 scouts details

I created a report for seeing who has finished the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge. I have 2 scouts that appear on the report with 41% & 5% complete but there are no details on these scouts on what they finished. It is showing the details on the other 9 scouts in the unit. Any idea why They are being left off the details but not the report?

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They might be on a different year version of the merit badge?

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Nope… they are working on it with their unit and we all started together

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Even if they started at the same time as others in their unit, Scoutbook may have them on a different version of the MB. Click on the Scout’s advancement tab and look to see what version is shown. If it is not the correct version, click on the MB, click on Percent Complete then Remove Badge. Add the badge back and select the correct version before marking any requirements complete.

Note: write down which requirements were completed with the dates so you can add them back to the new version of the MB.

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I did this. They are all on the same version

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post the URL of the report here please and the First name last Initial of the effected Scouts


Sarah M & Seth W are impacted. It is not the only report impacted. It always impacts 2 scouts but not the same 2.

I am having the same problem with all of my reports. And in addition, it shows a bunch of my scouts have completed requirements for the mb in question, but they have not actually started the mb. And when I go to their individual advancement list, that mb dose not show up as started. So how can they have completed requirements in a mb that they have not started??? (I would have posted this as a new question, but I can’t for the life of me find a way to start a new topic in here.)

Well I am glad to hear I am at least…not going crazy

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