Request to merge multiple accounts

I have a Scout and a Webelos with multiple accounts due to council moves. Can their accounts be merged?

12819894 (needs to be primary account while in FEC)
135072945 (former NCAC, please merge)

14097018 (needs to be primary account while in FEC)
135831291 (former NCAC, please merge)

@EricGaulin we will look at this

@EricGaulin the Webelos is fixed. The Scout is not registered in FEC that I can find, unless it is a modified name, that is what got the Webelos one had Middle name one did not.

2945 is Quivira
9894 is NCAC

Thank you for the Webelos fix, and copy on the Scout. I need to reach back to the base’s Pack (Scout is new to T45) and the Council registrar to figure out what is up.

Let’s try this for the Scout:

FEC BSA# 14088193

Does it look right on your side?

The first name is misspelled. I do see a pack (Webelos) registration for him in FEC, but no troop registration.

BSA# 14088193 His Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Thank you, would you be able to tell me which letter(s) are incorrect, so we can search for the Scout and add him to T45B in FEC? Or could you link him to the troop?

@EricGaulin The pack needs to approve his Arrow of Light rank before you try to transfer him.

Thank you for all your help!

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