Request to Merge Two Parent Accounts and Remove/Change Email on their Connected Youth

Dad has two accounts, BSA ID 134269946, and BSA ID 13057192. Please merge and keep the ID as 134269946. The ge***@** address is good

Youth account is BSA ID 134269945. Should be connected to 134269946. When dad set up logins, he assigned same email address above to this account. Youth email should be deleted or changed. Please let me know if you can do the email change (I think that may be a registrar function?) If you can delete, then delete, and I will have Dad re-invite. If you can change, please DM me and I will provide requested address.

Thanks in advance,

Scouter Rob


I am working on this.


The scoutbook accounts are merged. He needs to use <2 digit birth year> to log in to Scoutbook.

His son’s Scoutbook account does not have an e-mail attached to it.

Thanks, Ed!

We’ll report back on results…

Ed, Success!!

Thank you! I’m now tripling your volunteer pay!

@ScouterRob - i recommend 213k as a start

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Hey, no joke, I get as much support from SUAC folks as I do from our Registrar.

They are worth every penny of that, and much more.

Actually, SUAC is about three times as fast on tasks!

Absolutely love you people! Thanks for helping me solve issues smoothly. Our parents really appreciate it. They give me the credit, but I tell them about what you do, and they don’t quite understand, but get that you are the magic!


SUAC for Silver Buffalos!

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@Matt.Johnson - Gold something or other :slight_smile: they really do a real and tangible service to all of us and I suspect truly under appreciated. Truth be told I was one but now that I am in black ops… I will have to fade away… :slight_smile:

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