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Required adventures-Webelos

I’m positive this was already addressed, but I can’t find it. I’m very familiar with Boy Scout scoutbook stuff, but new to Cub Scout scoutbook stuff. Why is it that when I click on a required adventure, instead of seeing the requirements I go back to my homepage? Our Pack hasn’t really gotten in to using Scoutbook, but since my husband and I are taking over the Webelos den, we’d like to use it to keep track of what we’ve done and also get the parents and boys introduced to it so they know what to expect when they get to Troop. It’s going to be hard to do that if we can’t enter what we’ve finished as we go.

Shannon, have your Scouts been assigned to a Webelos den in Scoutbook?

When you go to their [Scout]'s Membership page, what do you see listed under “Current Membership”?

None of the Scouts in the Pack are assigned to a den. Does that need to be done first? They all just moved up-we had graduation and crossover last week. Their newly minted ranks are listed.

Yes, all Cub Scouts need to be in dens for Scoutbook to work correctly.

How do I do that? Or can I even do that? I’m not an admin on the Pack account.

A pack admin needs to move them into dens. See

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