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Yeah, folks think that southwest LA is all 'skeeters and 'gators, but I miss it. We had plenty of each, sure, and I joke all the time about the mosquito being the state bird of Louisiana. Truthfully, though, I don’t recall getting eaten alive by mosquitos growing up. We did frequently have alligators in our “yard” and my dad “commuted” to work on a barge out of Morgan City.

My “real swamp” comment was related to folks whose experience is limited to walking on boardwalks and maybe sitting in airboats. It’s not the same as poling around, although in fairness I also spent my share of time riding around the more open areas in an aluminum bottom with an Evinrude.

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You mentioned you spoke to Council. Have you talked with a Commissioner? A Unit Commissioner is a District level volunteer who is the exact resource you need. He/she should be helping answer your questions and guide you- especially for a new unit.

I would recommend attending a district round table (they may be virtual) and finding out who your Unit Commissioner is.

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