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Requirement double dipping

im updating some awards for my troop and noticed some scouts earning either the kayaking merit badge or scuba merit badge. Would some/all of those requirements also transfer to the kayaking/scuba bsa patch that goes on the swim trunks?

Scouting Magazine: Earn one of the BSA’s six aquatics awards this summer

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thanks for the info. i didnt quite find the answer but I will keep looking. Happy Scouting!!

Who can sign off?

Requirements vary and are described on the award applications. For example, Mile Swim BSA requires a currently qualified certified aquatics instructor or the equivalent, while Scuba BSA requires a counselor who holds an instructor rating with any current member of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council.

What’s the connection between Scuba BSA and the Scuba Diving merit badge?

Scuba BSA offers an introductory scuba experience, while the merit badge delves deeper and leads to scuba certification. There’s a similar relationship between Kayaking BSA and the Kayaking merit badge.

Are the activity awards prerequisites for the matching merit badges?

No. However, at the discretion of the merit badge counselor, certain portions of an activity award could be applied to the associated merit badge.

As far as I can tell, it’s at the discretion of the instructor / merit badge counselor whether to count requirements for both or not.

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Its been common practice that as long as the Scout is currently working on both, they can sign off on two requirements at a time. What’s not generally accepted is earning the patch, then trying to retroactively sign off on a requirement for the merit badge later. (I did that last summer at camp.)

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