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Requirements different in Scouting App and Scoutbook

We are using the Scouting app to follow our sons progress with advancement and merit badges. When we look on Scoutbook.com the requirements than what we see on the app. Which is accurate and why are they not the same? I keep my apps updated regularly, so I know that is not the issue. Thanks for any help with this.

They should be the same. Can you give some specifics where they are not the same?

Reading I know for sure is different and digital technology was also different

The Reading merit badge was updated January 1, 2020. Maybe you are seeing different versions?

That is the point of the question, why is the app not keeping up with changes

It should be. I am trying to get specifics on which version you are seeing on the Scouting Mobile app vs. Scoutbook.

I have version 2.2.3 and updated July 15, 2020

@TobinMathias - I think that Jennifer was asking about the version of the merit badge itself, The 2020 version or the prior version.

In Scoutbook, you should see a toggle where you can select the version year for the merit badge:

Part of what makes things complicated is that, once a scout starts a merit badge, they are (by and large) permitted to continue using whatever version of the MB they started with. They don’t automatically have to change to the newest version of the requirements.

Is this an issue where the scout has not started the merit badges, and the latest requirements are being shown in the app (or in Scoutbook) but not vice versa? Has the scout already started, but the requirements being displayed in the app (or in Scoutbook) don’t match the version already underway?

There could be a lot of things (or nothing) “wrong”, depending on exactly what you’re seeing and under what circumstances you’re seeing it.

But why is the app not updating with current requirements? We started these 2 recently so what is in the app should match what is online!
Here what I am seeing for reading on the app.

Screenshot_20200803-145906|250x500 .

@TobinMathias - could you post what is showing in scoutbook .com ?

I’m wondering if the app is querying the database to see which version of the merit badge is being worked on. What version is showing as having work credited in Scoutbook (scoutbook.com)?

The version displayed in the app appears to match the version currently toggled “on” in Scoutbook for me, independent of the date of the initial unit leader signature.

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