Requirments.status.undefinded in internet advancement

In SB, I am a MBC, and was connected to multiple scouts for a MB day. at the end of the day we had finished the MB. I went into SB and marked each requirement as completed with the blue check mark. I checked the internet advancement and it showed them as 100% completed. I then went back and marked them as councilor approved, as I was their MBC for it, now showing Green checkmark and saying earned, the requirements still have blue checks. Internet advancement now shows instead of completed it says “Requirments.status.undefinded” and in the next “view all” page of the badges it says its “not started”.

@BenjaminHolman - it now has to be approved by unit leadership


The Merit Badge process has a final step after the MBC signs off on the MB. The Scout is to meet with the Scoutmaster to discuss their experience earning the MB. This is handled in Scoutbook by the MB needing leader approval after the MBC marks it Counselor Approved.

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